Prysmian Cables

Project name: Prysmian Cables, Prescott

Client: James Industrial Ltd

Scope: Non licensed and licensed asbestos removal, full demolition and excavation of large industrial warehouses, excavation of deep slabs and footings.

Duration: Multi phased over 2 years

Prysmian Cables are a large company based in North America that had a vast 320,000m2 industrial park in Prescott. In the past, the land and buildings were used as sewage works, with a number of large tanks.

Works included:

  • Decommissioning of all services to site, including a 33 kva substation
  • Establishment of site perimeter fencing, site security and welfare arrangement
  • Liaison with Network Rail assets department due to abutting train line at site perimeter
  • Total removal of licensed and non-licensed asbestos containing materials, including large scale asbestos cement cladding to 60 ft high industrial sheds
  • Mechanical demolition, incorporating high reach demolition excavators to steel frame 60 ft high industrial sheds
  • Excavation of slabs and deep excavations