The demolition industry and the associated trades that naturally accompany it are key to facilitating regeneration. They are also, by their very nature, ‘high risk’ activities and involve many dangerous and potentially harmful aspects. These include the use of heavy machinery, falling objects and work at height, work with hazardous materials, exposure to harmful side effects such as; noise and vibration and the potential for structural collapse. These unwanted dangerous hazards from the demolition process require the upmost consideration and application of strict controls incorporating industry standards, best practice and professional quality.

To ensure safe and compliant resolutions to the many risks posed, clients need to appoint a professional contractor to deliver a safe, reliable and efficient service. In order to do this, the client must trust its chosen contractor, both in its ability, competency and commitment to deliver. You can trust us 

We at Bradley Group take pride in knowing we are being trusted by some of the biggest and best names engaged in facilitating construction projects and industrial, commercial and social regeneration.

Please see projects section for examples of the above services.

Please see projects section for examples of the above services.