Reclamation / Asset Recovery

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Safety is of utmost importance to us, and we are fully committed to maintaining the highest safety standards across all our services.

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Asset Recovery

On many projects, clients wish to save and reclaim items of importance or worth. We devise and implement safe and sympathetic methods of retrieval, within our demolition / dismantling strategy which includes: safe extraction, storage and transportation. This leads to the delivery of better value and through the reuse of such items, reflects compliance with the environmental hierarchy.

Reclamation / Asset Recovery Testimonial

"They [Bradley Group] have delivered to cost and schedule on all projects to date and maintained high standards of health, safety and environmental performance in what is a highly challenging and regulated environment."
Michael Richardson, Shepley Engineers Ltd.
Michael Richardson
Shepley Engineers Ltd.

Reclamation / Asset Recovery Projects

Bradley Group has completed a wide range of Projects that have included Reclamation / Asset Recovery, discover more about some of them here.