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The Bradley Group is an established leader within The UK Demolition and Asbestos Removal industry.

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FREE Consultancy

We offer free consultancy for all of our Services and work within a wide range of Sectors for Businesses and Local Authorities across the United Kingdom.

Industry Leaders

We are uniquely well equipped to take care of our client’s Demolition & Asbestos requirements from the initial proposal through to completion and beyond.

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Demolition, Removal & Regeneration Services

Bradley Group offer a wide range of services, from Demolition and regeneration, to Asbestos Removal and Disposal


Discover how Bradley Group is leading the way for a sustainable future in Demolition Services.

Project Management

Every one of our services is completed under strict compliance and safety regulations

Asbestos Removal

Bradley Group is the leading name in Asbestos Removal in the Northwest.

Safety is our number 1 priority

Safety is at the core of the Bradley Group Operations, and we take a proactive approach to safety, protecting our team, the public, and the environment, ensuring compliance with regulations, mitigating risks, and building a reputation based on trust and reliability. By making safety a top priority, Bradley Group achieve successful project outcomes while safeguarding all stakeholders involved.

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Discover Projects & Case Studies

We have completed projects for a huge range of Companies and Authorities across the country, discover more about some of these in our Case Studies.

Team members working for us full time

Working for Bradley Group has given me the opportunity to develop and further my career both through university studies and practical experience on site.

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Delivering Sustainable choices for our future

Here at Bradley Group we understand the importance of Sustainability and that’s why we’ve made a promise to deliver the best choices for our customers. We’ve tirelessly researched the very latest technologies and options for recycling waste produced as part of the demolition process, so that we can be confident our methods have minimal impact.

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Bradley Group is an established leader within the Demolition and Asbestos Removal industry. We are uniquely well equipped to offer a wide range of services to clients from various sectors from across the UK. Completing their requirements from the initial proposal through to completion and beyond.

The Bradley Group sees itself as an integral part of the community, offering a stable environment where people can build their careers, create long term business relationships and offer clients a professional level of service and delivery which the entire organisation can be proud.