Working in the Regeneration & Listed Buildings Sector

Bradley Group are an industry leader in asbestos removal & demolition services within the regeneration and listed building sector. With our understanding of the unique challenges and sensitivities of these projects, we provide safe, efficient, and sustainable demolition solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  • Expertise in Regeneration and Listed Buildings: We possess extensive experience working within the regeneration and listed building sector, undertaking projects that involve the careful asbestos removal & demolition of structures while preserving historic elements and meeting preservation guidelines. Our team of professionals understands the intricacies of working with listed buildings, including the importance of maintaining architectural integrity, salvaging materials, and complying with heritage regulations. We have the expertise to execute complex demolitions that align with the goals of regeneration and historic preservation projects.
  • Preservation and Sustainability: We believe in responsible asbestos removal & demolition practices that prioritise preservation and sustainability. Our approach focuses on salvaging and recycling materials whenever possible, ensuring that valuable components are repurposed rather than discarded. We work closely with heritage experts, conservation bodies, and local authorities to ensure compliance with preservation guidelines while delivering sustainable solutions. By incorporating eco-friendly practices, we contribute to the regeneration efforts while minimising environmental impact.
  • Careful Planning and Execution: Bradley Group understands the delicate nature of regeneration and listed building projects. We collaborate closely with architects, conservation specialists, and project stakeholders to develop a comprehensive demolition plan that considers architectural significance, structural integrity, and preservation requirements. Our team employs meticulous execution techniques, including selective dismantling and deconstruction, to protect and preserve historical elements. We prioritise the sensitive handling of materials and minimise disruption to surrounding areas.
  • Safety and Compliance: Safety is our utmost priority in every project. Our team follows rigorous safety protocols, conducts thorough risk assessments, and complies with all relevant regulations and codes. We employ highly skilled professionals who are trained in the intricacies of working with fragile and historic structures. By prioritising safety and compliance, we ensure a secure work environment for our team and all project stakeholders.
  • Transparent Communication and Collaboration: We believe in open and transparent communication throughout the entire demolition project. Our dedicated project managers maintain clear lines of communication, keeping you informed about the progress, challenges, and any necessary modifications to the plan. We actively collaborate with your team, heritage experts, and regulatory authorities to ensure that the demolition aligns with the overall vision of the regeneration project. We value your input and strive for a strong partnership built on trust and effective communication.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let our experienced team develop a tailored plan that aligns with your preservation objectives. Together, we’ll ensure a successful demolition process that integrates seamlessly into your regeneration project, preserves historical significance, and contributes to the revitalisation of cherished buildings and communities.

Demolition & Asbestos Removal in the Regeneration & Listed Buildings Sector

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Projects Completed In The Regeneration & Listed Buildings Sector

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