St. Leonards House

Location: Lancaster

Client: Robertsons

Project Scope:

As the first concrete building in the UK, this listed heritage site required a multi phase demolition plan. 

Demolition & Asbestos Removal Project

Asbestos Removal

Working closely with the principal contractor Robertsons, Bradley Group conducted the initial licensed and non-licensed Asbestos removal.

Precision Strip Out

The Asbestos removal was followed by a large scale precision strip out. Once the area had been secured including adjacent road closures, a roof removal procedure was conducted via a range of mechanical and electrical demolitions and crane coordination. This was followed by extensive temporary works, propping and bracing the existing listed building.

Demolition Procedures

This 4 story, multi faceted building, provided Bradley group with the opportunity to coordinate a range a skill-sets and specialised demolition procedures, conducted to the usual Bradley Group high standards, on time and within budget. The team were all very proud to hand the site over on completion, ready for the building to start the next chapter of its historic journey.