Waste Management & Segregation

This is a vital component of demolition. Without proper consideration given to this aspect of work, best value, sustainability and environmental compliance will not be gained.

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Safety is of utmost importance to us, and we are fully committed to maintaining the highest safety standards across all our services.

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We pride ourselves on incorporating environmentally responsible practices into everything we do.

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With over three decades of experience under our belt the Bradley Group has earned the trust of a wide range of clients.​

Demolition Waste Management

Our comprehensive approach revolves around the implementation of secure demolition techniques, meticulous segregation of waste into distinct component streams, and the adoption of safe and empathetic removal and transportation methods. Our commitment extends to minimising landfill waste to the fullest extent possible, with an ambitious goal of reusing or recycling 95-98% of the waste generated on our sites. This eco-conscious strategy not only prioritises safety and efficiency but also underscores our dedication to sustainable practices in waste management.

Waste Segregation

Effective waste segregation is a cornerstone of our demolition projects, embodying our commitment to responsible environmental practices. We meticulously implement a systematic approach to segregate waste into distinct categories, ensuring the separation of materials such as concrete, metals, wood, and other recyclables. This strategic sorting not only enhances the efficiency of waste management but also facilitates the subsequent recycling processes.

Sustainable Practices

Bradley Group are fully accredited to Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Signatories of the Climate Pledge and committed to achieving Net Zero. We are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability throughout our Waste Management and Segregation practices.

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Waste Management


Waste Management is essential for any Demolition Project. It involves thorough planning, clear communication, and strategic resource allocation. Adhering to environmental regulations ensures sustainability. A well-managed demolition project prioritises safety, efficiency, and environmental considerations.

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Asbestos Removal

The thorough analysis of substances that could contain Asbestos is vital in most major Demolition projects. The safe removal and disposal of this substance is something we specialise in.

Waste Management & Segregation

Demolition & Asbestos Removal Projects

Waste Management is a vital component of all of the demolition projects we undertake at Bradley Group. Visit our Project Case Studies pages to find details of work we’ve completed for a wide range of clients.

Waste Management & Segregation Testimonial

"They [Bradley Group] have delivered to cost and schedule on all projects to date and maintained high standards of health, safety and environmental performance in what is a highly challenging and regulated environment."
Michael Richardson, Shepley Engineers Ltd.
Michael Richardson
Shepley Engineers Ltd.

Waste Management & Segregation Projects

Bradley Group has completed a wide range of Projects that have included Waste Management & Segregation, discover more about some of them here.