Barton Square, Trafford Centre

Location: Manchester

Client: Vinci

Duration: 20 weeks

Completion: 01/11/2018

Project Scope:

Mechanical demolition and dismantling, protection works & strip out

Bradley Group were tasked by Vinci to undertake demolition works in this high profile project at Barton Square, Trafford Centre, Manchester. The retail tenants on the ground floor had to maintain their usual operating times during works, requiring works to have little or no impact to the operation of the ground floor tenants. This provides challenges to both demolition and construction teams involved in the project. The BDL methods of work were carefully selected and based on this foundation.

Working With Vinci

Vinci were able to rely on Bradley to be self sufficient encompassing all protection measures, working out of hours, leaving areas where work has occurred in the main concourse ready to proceed with their normal retail operations. This demanded that we understand the full nature of the environment that we are working in, its restrictions and considerations.

Considerations and Restrictions


The number one objective was to carry out the works safely returning the ground floor retail area to be ready for retail operations after the works have been completed overnight. Our methods of work and resourcing operationally have been influenced only by this objective.

Turnkey Solution

Bradley Group were required to provide Vinci a total turnkey solution with a strong commitment to providing them with a well organised well resourced committed management and operation team.

Protection Measures

The removal of the circular colonnade was key to the opening up of further works on the ground floor of the concourse. Extensive protection measures were put in place to protect the large glass shop fronts, utilising bespoke polystyrene block sections. The works were then carried out out sequentially in a controlled manner to protect the existing structures.

Working With Contractors

Interface between various contractors were critical to enabling the works to progress as per the project  programme.

Project Teams

The operative teams with individual managers were tasked accordingly: Protection team, Deconstruction team, Debris removal team, Cleanup team. The teams were briefed on the operation of the shift with a minimum of two 10 minute stand back events during their shift. This is a process where all operatives and managers come together and assess the situation, its a method used both in the military and fire service and other first responder organisations. It gives situational awareness and focuses efforts where they are most necessary.

Protection Of Assets

Movement of large marble statues required a considered & delicate approach. Prior to drilling the fixings on the base, a number of tests with core drills and endoscopes were conducted to make sure the fixings were as described. 3.5 tonne tele-trucks with 3 tonne lift capacity were then utilised to position the statues carefully onto pallets/crates and then removed to holding area.